Truck Maintenance and Repair

In mid-2003 Taurus Truck & Trailer Repair Ltd. was formed to maintain and repair the equipment of the Transall Group of Companies. It now operates not only repairing and maintaining the equipment of Transall Group of Companies but other commercial vehicles as well. We will make getting your rig back on the road our priority.

Maintenance and Repair

We know the trucking industry

  • Trucking companies have a wide range of service needs from oil and grease, to tires, glass, brakes, electrical, transmission, engine work. A larger company may require service work several times per week.


  • Trailers will require attention for wiring, lights, springs, air.


  • Older trucks require regular physical/ mechanical maintenance, as well as service for breakdowns and repairs as needed.


  • Safety compliance checks/certifications are required routinely and we can accommodate preventative maintenance schedules.
truck maintenance and repair

We aim to exceed health and safety regulations

We are here to ensure your rig is working at its finest and if we find any issues we guarantee to get it back on the road quickly and efficiently as we know your vehicles are your livelihood. We offer roadside assistance. The excellent standards we apply to our own rigs are applied to all our clients. Taurus Truck and Trailer Repair Ltd. are responsible to not only ensure that all equipment meets the Department of Transportation health and safety regulations; we aim to exceed it for safety’s sake.

Why our customers prefer Taurus



Use of top-quality equipment and supplies

Great, Responsive Service

Foreman / Shop Lead

Convenient Location


Good Pricing

Solid Diagnostics

Understands your business

Fast in and out

top quality repair and diagnostic tools

Testimonials of Taurus:

100% of our clients surveyed would refer Taurus to anyone looking for a provider of these services.