About Transall Group of Companies

Transall Group of Companies is comprised of three transportation companies that specialize in safe and reliable transportation services to Western Canada. We provide specialized transportation solutions. We also have a commercial truck repair and maintenance company and a commercial truck wash. We serve our own fleets and other vehicles in the industry.

transall in transport business since 1971

In Business since 1971

In business since 1971, you know we are experts in the industry and stay on top of all developments in technology and equipment.

personalized customer service of a small company

Personalized customer service

We have the personalized customer service of a small company with the ability to grow and become more efficient in the industry of larger companies.

driver safety

We aim to exceed for safety’s sake

For the safety of your load, our drivers, and other drivers on the road. We aim to excel at safety standards. Our vehicles are regularly inspected and our drivers are given regular mandatory rest breaks.