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Central Control Office
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Ed Kenney
Planner/Driver Manager
306.242.2440 ext 247 Office

James Gordon
Manager of Safety & Driver Support
306.242.2440 ext 225 Office

Doug Fernets
Resource and Maintenance Manager
306.242.2440 ext 250 Office



Transall Express, a Division of Epp's Trucking Inc., was incorporated in April 1971 and transported a diverse line of products ranging from flat deck products to livestock. Today, Transall focuses entirely on the transportation of livestock.


Recognizing the fast-paced nature of our business, we are committed to providing sound values and consistent performance for all our customers.

Our mission is to:
• Ensure highest standards of quality and service, while keeping low costs and achieving economies of scale.
• Stay ahead of competitors through implementation of newest technological advancements.
• Grow in size and pursue profit for our stakeholders, but remain in a “small-business” mentality where hard work is appreciated, individuals are recognized, and customers are respected.

Practices & Technology

Transall Express, a Division of Epp's Trucking Inc., facilitates its business practices through use of comprehensive computer software. From the initial point of receiving and placing an order, through logistics, billing and invoicing, TruckMate speeds up the process and eliminates errors.

Communication and interaction with each customer is dependant upon their level of technological advancement. Many of our orders are received electronically, although our team of dispatchers work long hours to accommodate your needs over the phone.

Through leveraging the power of technology to complete basic tasks, our staff is able to focus on other aspects of our business, such as tend to our customers, provide service and help in processes and creative problem solving.

Vision & Growth


Our greatest commitment is to our customers. There is great respect and need to cater to the best of our ability. We must not forget, however, that it is our own people that make our business flourish, as they are our greatest resource.

We have a GPS System, Shaw Tracking, implemented in all of our units. We can pinpoint a direct location of all our trucks, to best estimate exact pick-up and drop-off times, as well as to dispatch our drivers toward clear roads, away from traffic and bad weather conditions.

Through combined efforts we are confident in fulfilling all of our short-term and long-term goals, most importantly: “to maintain the growth at a steady pace, where we generate profit and are suitably equipped to meet all of our clients’ needs”.

Safety & Compliance

Transall Express, a Division of Epp's Trucking Inc., is proud to operate with well-maintained equipment that complies with the provincial and federal standards. We ensure our trucks are safe for our drivers, as well as for other users of the public roadways. Trucks and trailers are inspected on a regular basis, and our own Capital Wash Inc. and Taurus Truck and Trailer Repair Ltd. are responsible to not only ensure that our equipment meets the Department of Transportation health and safety regulations; we aim to exceed it for safety’s sake.

Our drivers are monitored and must take mandatory time off, to ensure they are energized and fully focused while driving – for the safety of everyone involved.