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About Transall Group


Transall Express Ltd. was incorporated in April 1971 and transported a diverse line of products ranging from flatdeck products to livestock. Today, Transall focuses entirely on the transportation of livestock. In the spring of 2012 Transall purchased Kelvington Transport, a prominent Livestock transport company based in Kelvington, SK to grow its business and to become one of the largest livestock carriers in Saskatchewan.

Epp's Trucking Inc. began operations in 1997 strictly as a farm gate bulk commodity transporter. Over the course of 15 years the company has expanded its operations to include livestock transport, flat deck and specialized feed transport as well as liquid bulk fertilizer transportation. The company and owner Steven Balzer is proud to declare that the agriculture sector of the province has provided the opportunity for growth , challenge and success. Without the people of Saskatchewan and the great employees over the years the company would not be such a top performer.

Biggar Transport and Transall Express have a long history of service and quality in the local area, while Epps Trucking is a young, ambitious company growing rapidly. Naturally, bringing them together resulted in a transportation team with a passion for tradition, and personalized customer service, but also a youthful drive to succeed and outperform.

The combination of these three transportation companies along with the truck wash and safety repair shop has provided an opportunity for a new name to evolve. Transall Group of Companies is the umbrella name for the businesses and each firm is a very distinct company.


Having good people is key to any successful operation and Transall Group prides itself in having some of the best in the industry. From our office staff all the way through to our drivers, our people are professional and courteous. Our people have over 100 years combined experience in the Transportation industry, as well as experiences in other industries that include grain, feed, livestock and construction. We pride ourselves in encouraging personal development of our employees so that they can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become high performers in the industry.


We are proud to operate with well-maintained equipment that complies with the provincial and federal standards. We ensure our trucks are safe for our drivers, as well as for other users of the public roadways. Trucks and trailers are inspected on a regular basis, and our own Capital Wash Inc. and Taurus Truck and Trailer Repair Ltd. are responsible to not only ensure that our equipment meets the Department of Transportation health and safety regulations; we aim to exceed it for safety's sake.

Our drivers are monitored and must take mandatory time off, to ensure they are energized and fully focused while driving - for the safety of everyone involved.